Links for 1-5-2011

More random things I really think you should go read:

  • The Internet Is Still Ridiculously Small: Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry brings some sanity to the scope of internet commerce compared to brick and mortar.
  • Eleven Digital Trends to Watch in 2011: Steve Rubel and David Armano roll out the crystal ball to help forecast what’s ahead for 2011. Overall I agree with their picks.
  • Motivate me!: How are you doing with your resolutions/goals? Need some help getting motivated already? David Li has you covered with a feel good melange of motivational and inspirational YouTube mixes. Really nice curation format, too!
  • How the recession has changed us: Nice data visualization of the impact the recession has had by sector. Sobering look at how far we have to climb out of that hole.

Happy Wednesday!

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