Beyond WordPress Basics

Now that you’ve mastered the basic techniques of working with WordPress, it’s time to take a look at some of the additional features of your WordPress site. Today’s tutorials:

Working with WordPress Pages

WordPress Comment Manager (if we have configured Facebook commenting on your site, feel free to ignore this):

Using the WordPress Excerpt function:

Working with Lists (ordered & unordered):

If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a comment!

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WordPress Tags & Categories

WordPress offers the ability to use tags and categories to sort and refine post data. Many advanced themes use tags and categories to display additional post information within pages or sidebars. Here are some helpful tutorials on using these functions within your WordPress site:

Using the Tags function in WordPress:

Working with WordPress categories:

Tomorrow: intermediate WordPress skills, such as working with pages, comments and versions.

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WordPress and Links

Working with links in WordPress is fairly straightforward. The following tutorials go into more depth about link tools available in your WordPress site:

Adding Links:

Editing Links:

Working with Link Categories:

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Editing Images in WordPress

Yes, you can do basic image editing functions within WordPress. Here are some basics:

Understanding the Image Editor

Editing Images

Cropping and Scaling an image via the Image Editor

Flip, Undo, Redo your image in the Image Editor

Replacing an Image

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WordPress and Pictures

WordPress looks best when it has pictures and images to accompany text. Today’s lessons are on working with images in WordPress via the Media Library:

The WordPress Media Library

Adding an Image From Media Library

Adding an Image From Your Computer

Adding an Image From a URL

Deleting an image from your post or page

Using Featured Images

Join us tomorrow for editing images in WordPress.

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Getting Started with WordPress

As promised, more WordPress tutorials! Today’s lessons cover:

Navigating the WordPress admin bar:

Working with Hyperlinks:

Editing Text:

Pasting from Word files:

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WordPress Support

Lately my development plate has been heaped full of WordPress goodness. Accordingly, I’ll be using my blog for the next interval for some basic WordPress training.

Today’s tutorials are on getting started with a WordPress site.

The WordPress dashboard:

Using the visual editor:

Adding a new post to your blog:

Adding paragraphs to posts or pages:

Tomorrow I’ll have 4 more tutorials on WordPress basics. If you have questions or comments on today’s tutorials, please leave a comment.

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Letterpress Printing

Ben Proudfoot brings us a celebration of two historic processes – paper making and letterpress printing. Well worth your time, especially if you love ink on paper:

ink&paper from Ben Proudfoot on Vimeo.

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Programming Note

As a self taught coder I’m always looking to polish up my skills, so I’ve signed up for Code Year, a service supported by Y Combinator, TechStars, Girl Develop It and Hack NY. They send a free weekly interactive lesson in coding via email which promises to have you up and coding quickly.

I may or may not chronicle it here, as I obviously already use this site for coding goodness (ok, mostly testing WordPress hacks and new plugins) but I want to spread the word about this project. Increasingly I re-quote Douglas Rushkoff to prospective clients and friends – learn to program or be programmed. As with making things that matter, I believe the more you know the more employable and happy you are.

If you sign up, let me know!

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Year in Search

I’m always a big fan of Google’s end of the year review of top searches of the year:

The Plus promotion is wildly exaggerated, of course, but overall nice overview.

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