Fresh Starts

I’m kicking off the year with a number of WordPress refreshes to the Charlie Parker release (3.8). This means that many of you will log into your WordPress admin and see a whole new color scheme.

If you’d like to change your sidebar and dashboard colors, it’s quick and easy:


First, scroll up to your name in the upper right corner of your site and roll over your name to expand the options. Select the option to edit your profile:

You’ll now see a new array of choices: (click to enlarge)

When you select a color choice, you'll see it immediately reflect in your sidebar.
When you select a color choice, you’ll see it immediately reflect in your sidebar.

Once you chose a palette you prefer, simply scroll down and press the Update Profile button. You can also chose to disable the tool bar or visual editor here, as well. Checking the box will banish both.

SOPA Explainer

Hands down one of the best explanations on how SOPA/PIPA work and why they won’t resolve the issue of intellectual property protection:

As thorough as this video is, it doesn’t touch on some critical uses of the internet by marginalized groups, but overall, nicely done.

Don’t Break the Internet

This is a great overview of PIPA/SOPA:

Our #1 reason for fighting PIPA/SOPA is its impact on start up businesses. Protecting incumbent businesses (mostly Hollywood, network TV and 6 music companies) at the expense of innovation has never helped our economy. Please take action by contacting your senator or representative and encouraging them to vote against this bill.

Our sites will go dark on Wednesday, January 18th to protest this ill-conceived legislation. For further information, visit Stop American Censorship.

Event Registration

We are using Event Espresso (affiliate link) to manage event registrations and ticketing on a new WordPress site we’re deploying. Here is a brief tutorial on adding your first event in Event Espresso:

As always, please use the comments section for questions or feedback!

Advanced WordPress Use

Now that we’ve covered both basic and intermediate WordPress skills, let’s move on to advanced skills! Today’s tutorials include:

Managing Widgets

[wpmudev-video video=”widgets”]

Restoring a Post

[wpmudev-video video=”restore-post”]

Restoring a Page

[wpmudev-video video=”restore-page”]

Trashing (deleting) a Post

[wpmudev-video video=”trash-post”]

Trashing (deleting) a Page

[wpmudev-video video=”trash-page”]

That’s all for now! If you enjoyed these tutorials, have questions or need assistance, let me know in the comments section!

Intermediate WordPress Tutorials

We’ve barely scratched the surface of fun things you can do with your new WordPress site. Today’s tutorials include:

Adding Video to your WordPress site:

[wpmudev-video video=”oEmbed”]

Using QuickPress:

[wpmudev-video video=”quickpress”]

Creating and Managing Custom Navigation Menus

[wpmudev-video video=”menus”]

Tomorrow will be our last day of tutorials. We’ll be covering the version manager and deleting (trashing) posts and pages.

As always, please leave a comment if you have questions or need help!

Beyond WordPress Basics

Now that you’ve mastered the basic techniques of working with WordPress, it’s time to take a look at some of the additional features of your WordPress site. Today’s tutorials:

Working with WordPress Pages

[wpmudev-video video=”add-new-page”]

WordPress Comment Manager (if we have configured Facebook commenting on your site, feel free to ignore this):

[wpmudev-video video=”comments”]

Using the WordPress Excerpt function:

[wpmudev-video video=”excerpt”]

Working with Lists (ordered & unordered):

[wpmudev-video video=”lists”]

If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a comment!

WordPress Tags & Categories

WordPress offers the ability to use tags and categories to sort and refine post data. Many advanced themes use tags and categories to display additional post information within pages or sidebars. Here are some helpful tutorials on using these functions within your WordPress site:

Using the Tags function in WordPress:

[wpmudev-video video=”tags”]

Working with WordPress categories:

[wpmudev-video video=”categories”]

Tomorrow: intermediate WordPress skills, such as working with pages, comments and versions.

WordPress and Links

Working with links in WordPress is fairly straightforward. The following tutorials go into more depth about link tools available in your WordPress site:

Adding Links:

[wpmudev-video video=”add-links”]

Editing Links:

[wpmudev-video video=”edit-links”]

Working with Link Categories:

[wpmudev-video video=”link-categories”]

Editing Images in WordPress

Yes, you can do basic image editing functions within WordPress. Here are some basics:

Understanding the Image Editor

[wpmudev-video video=”image-editor”]

Editing Images

[wpmudev-video video=”edit-image”]

Cropping and Scaling an image via the Image Editor

[wpmudev-video video=”image-editor-crop-and-scale”]

Flip, Undo, Redo your image in the Image Editor

[wpmudev-video video=”image-editor-rotate-flip-undo-redo”]

Replacing an Image

[wpmudev-video video=”replace-image”]