Fall Garden


A quick peek at the fall garden – lots of romaine lettuce, spinach and more broccoli in this bed. I also did another bed of leeks and onions but didn’t photograph them.


The peppers are holding out nicely still dropping new fruit. The Brussels sprouts are going gangbusters and I can’t wait to cook them up for the kids! I still have to figure out how to harvest them…


Not some bizarre Seuss thing, the kale has held out nicely and helped me add some zesty crunch to the salads at school!

Links for 1-6-2010

Even more random things I really think you should go read:

  • Scraping for Journalism: A Guide for Collecting Data: These skills are useful for more than journalism – we used similar techniques to match the missing after Katrina. Really good tutorials on how to find, extract and clean data to investigate.
  • What Could Have Been Entering the Public Domain: Horton Hears a Who!, The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers should have entered the public domain this past Saturday. Good overview of the issue of commercializing culture.
  • Global Growth in Mobile Barcode Usage: Nice overview of the steady growth of QR codes in 2010. For the first time, the US leads the way in number of scans although Canada grew faster.
  • Updated Facebook : By request, up to date growth numbers for the Facebook. Looks like the 55+ crowd is starting to arrive with 10+% growth over 2009.

Happy Thursday!

Upgrade Joy

Today for fun we upgraded the site from 2.1 (Ella Fitzgerald) all the way up to 3.0 so that I could begin blogging here again. Oddly enough, the upgrade itself went smoothly, but somehow the feed got corrupted; while I thought I’d have a more interesting first post, this will allow me to test it out.

How is your day going?